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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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violence. the eiffel tower also lighting up to a tribute to brussels. >> even the brandenburg gate in germany turning black, yellow and red. >> and now find a way to stop the next attack. >> this has been another special edition of "fox & friends." thanks for joining us here today. see you here tomorrow. bill: 9:00 here in new york city. a fluid situation underway at this hour. police in brussels conducting a massive manhunt for this man. the man in the white shirt shown next to two suspected bombers in the brussels airport. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. conflicting reports. belgium state media reporting the suspect had been captured, but later withdrew that report.
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bill: we are told his dna was said to be discovered on one of the paris belts four months ago. who are these brothers, john? reporter: the guy you are talking about with the white coat on, he remains on the loose. the hunt is on for him. there were conflicting report he had been arrested. that is not the case. the two brothers you are talking about in that video. he's in the white coat. in the middle is one of the two brothers. he police say that he is one of the suicide bombers that attacked the airport. the other in the black coat to
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his left on the far left in that still shot still remained unidentified. but bacari's brother was the person who carried out the suicide bombing in the metro here in brussels. one brother carried out the attack in the airport, the other brother in the metro. the third suicide bomber remains unidentified. and the man in the white coat is still on the loose. police carried out a number of raid throughout brussels including a home where they found explosives, they found chemicals that a made from explosives. they found a bomb made out of nails. clearly more attacks were in the works. here on the ground you can see there is a lot of people at this memorial site. security remains high here.
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the transportation, most of the transportation, the metro remains shut down. that will be the case probably until tomorrow as well. bill: we'll be back with you as we get more headlines. one significant headline, there are several suspects said to be on the loose in brussels unaccounted for. patti ann: the state department is saying all americans in brussels have not yet been accounted for. nine americans are reportedly rounded in those deadly blasts. that includes a u.s. air force officer and five of his relatives, some of whom are in critical condition. mormon missionaries wounded in the boston, one of them was a
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marathon bombings in 2013. a brother and sister were calling home from that airport in bruce else tuesday when they heard a loud explosion on the phone line, then that line went dead. we are learning three student from quinnipiac university were reportedly inside the brussels airport at the time of the bombing. they are safe. they were on their way to london when the first bomb went off. despite the chaos they were able to make their way to the u.s. embassy. a fourth tude from the same school was in the city at the time and reportedly unharmed. bill: a big night for donald trump and ted cruz separately in separate states. trump dominating arizona, picked up 58 delegate. cruz holding firm picking up all
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0 delegates in utah after he picked up 50% of the vote. hours before the victory cruz telling bill o'reilly how the rest of this race will play out. >> kasich will lose in arizona and utah. he will lose in wisconsin. bill: you think john is going to get out? >> i think when you start losing and losing your money dries up. he's a good man, but at this point what he's doing doesn't make any sense unless he's auditioning to be trump's vice president. bill: cruz was on "fox and friends." he's making the case kasich has to get out. >> i can't compete with ted cruz's analysis of the race. he's just about right.
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we are seeing a lot of movement from the establishment wing of the republican party to put the pressure on kasich to get out. kasich ran in place behind the candidate who weren't in the race anymore. there is a lot of pressure for john kasich here, and cruz does seem to have a path, though john weaver, an influential adviser. i think utah shows that's not the case, that he does have a path going forward. bill: what we awoke to this morning was jeb bush endorsing ted cruz. what does that signal? >> it signal the what i was just talking about. you have a lot of folks from the establishment wing. mitt romney saying he was going to vote for ted cruz,
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encouraging others to do that. i think you are seeing people maybe a little too late to stop trump, but to stop trump you have to get off the sidelines and do something about it. even if that means endorsing ted cruz, kind of the last person you would expect the establishment to endorse. the stakes are getting pretty high at this point. bill: in arizona, trump an easy winner. how come? >> there are a lot of factors. immigration is an issue that motivate arizona voters. it's an older population, a retirement haven for the west coast, and older voters haven't voted for done -- older voters have voted for donald trump. it was a winner-take-all state, but you have to factor in the early voting aspect.
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starting in february before super tuesday the early vote went to marco rubio who is no longer in the race. ted cruz's margin may have hurt his argument. but it's winner-take-all and it's a big win for donald trump. bill: cruz in utah, 70%. trump was trounced here. you see the results on our screen. what was moving for ted cruz in a state where frankly he felt comfortable going into this? >> it's not a natural state for ted cruz. utah republicans are not necessarily big tea party types or ultra conservatives. i do think what you saw here were republicans there making the decision that ted cruz is the best person to take on donald trump. that's what we saw.
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it's an upscale relative to other state and that's a problem for donald trump. ultimately it shows that ted cruz does have a path forward here if he can hold donald trump under that 1,237. it was a good night for ted cruz to do that by denying donald trump any delegates. two weeks, wisconsin. two weeks after that, new york. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, maryland all in the same day. what do you see with the coming calendar as it slows down temporarily? >> i think the slowing down helps those who want to stop trump within the party. it gives everybody a chance to breathe and see the math here does not absolutely guarantee donald trump wins the nomination. it will be a tough battle. you mention new york. that's a lot of delegates and it seems like a tough road to who
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for ted cruz. wisconsin i think is much more like a state like utah or a state like virginia which came to rooting out donald trump. i think we get down to two candidate, a two-man race between ted cruz and donald trump and that's very likely. this does go down to the wire. if we get to the point where trump doesn't get the majority of delegates, it's up in the air. >> thank you, michael moore leading our analysis in washington. patti ann: for a quick look at the update in the delegate totals. republican delegates inching closer to that magic number of 1,237. donald trump in the drier's seat:739 and ted cruz with 465. clinton has a commanding lead
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over bernie sanders as she throughs to rack up the winning number for the democrats of 2,383. bill: california is june 7. new jersey the same day. massive manhunt across belgium. police say several suspects remain at large. including the man you see to the right of this photo. patti ann: police conducting several raids following yesterday's bombings. the latest intel is coming up. and whether more attacks could be in the works. bill: take me out to the ballgame. while the bomb sites were still smoldering in brussels we'll debate whether this was the right move for the white house. >> on one side you have the video footage of the attack in belgium, this is the real world. on the other side is obama in the fantasy world he inhabits.
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[engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ bill: fast-moving developments in the attacks in brussels. police i.d. the two of attackers. they say eats unidentified attacker is at large. the country is at its highest security level. a manhunt underway for people
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they say are linked to these attacks. you had brothers in the boss tomorrow bombing and brothers in paris in november and now you have brothers in brussels. what explains this fraternal connection to you? >> partially the countries and their backgrounds, the families supporting one another. it's also the american law. 20-30 years ago when we re-did our statutes with respect to immigration. there is a big premium in letting in extended family, not only brothers and sisters and daughters and sons, but second cousins and on and on. so instead of having the decision criteria once somebody gets past the original jump to be accepted into getting a green card and becoming american. instead of having that be something you do better if you
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are a good electrical engineer and make progress in silicon valley. instead of having that be the criterion, it's are you his brother-in-law or sister-in-law. and that procedural and lying rule of the immigration statutes emphasized extended family. brothers might well be able to come in anyway. bill: i don't get the reason why they march in together to birmingham homicide bombers and kill as many people as possible. you have been on tv talking about american leadership and you have been talking about trying to root out this threat in syria and iraq. a lot has been made to the 51 seconds the president gave to the belgium massacre when he was in havana. what is the state of american leadership. as the commander-in-chief has
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the will or clearly does not have the will to tackle this now. because after all, if he doesn't do it, it's the next president who's left to clean it up. >> i think president obama looks neville chamberlain in britain look forceful by comparison. he won't admit we are at war. as a result the government uses phrases like workplace violence to describe the murder of 14 soldiers at fort hood, instead of admitting we are at war with a movement that has grown out of islam. it doesn't mean all of islam are terrorists. not all the puritans in massachusetts in the 17th century were burning witches.
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sometimes movements grow out of religious beliefs and there is a movement that has grown out of islam, some parts of islam that is extremely violent and we have to deal with it and you can't win if you can't talk about it. >> this is his legacy, too. bill: the next president will have to clean this up. >> neville chamberlain had to give way to winston churchill. let's hope we get a churchill. bill: why do you believe he doesn't have the will to do it now. >> if anything departs from the narrative, they tend to slight it. it happened in benghazi and a number of circumstances. so rather than find out what happened and calling it
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straight, everything gets spun. it's all part of a p.r. exercise. you can't win if you can't talk clearly about what happened. you may be wrong, some of the things i said here may be wrong, in which case let's get somebody to argue about it. but you don't keep sliding around it and pretending it doesn't exist. you will lose if you do that. bill: thank you for your time today. patti ann: law enforcement in the u.s. tightening up security following the attacks in brussels. we'll tell you what locations officers are focusing on. bill: the presidential front runners forging a path to victory in last night's big primary contest.
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>> >>
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bill: i want to share this message with you in brussels where they have come to mourn by the hundreds. the airport will stay closed until at least tomorrow night. career levels in that country remain at the highest level. a travel warning and advisory for american traveling all over europe, urging u.s. citizens to exercise vigilance. authorities also taking precautions here at home. they stepped up security at airports. we have seen that already here. patti ann: to elect news. the state of arizona. hillary clinton and donald trump
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both scoring big victories there. dan springer is reporting live from phoenix. let's talk first about the republican side. reporter: arizona was the big prize for both parties. for the gop, 58 delegates were at stake. the winner donald trump won them all because it was a winner-take-all state and it wasn't even close. trump lead cruz 47% to 25%. john kasich came in fourth with 10%. trump get tough on the illegal immigration played well in the border state and he always had a big lead here. cruz held an event at the mexican border but he lost big not only among early voters, but even among those who voted yesterday. even if he got all of rubio's
6:26 am
vote he still would have lost to trump. patti ann: meanwhile, the democrats? reporter: hillary clinton did very well here. she took the lion's share of the delegate at stake in arizona. sanders worked it very hard. spent a lot of money here but was very disappointed in the results. clinton got 58% of the vote compared to sanders' 40%. the washington caucuses will be saturday. sanders won up north in flag after but nowhere else. the turnout was massive. in phoenix some people waited four hours to vote. we also saw big turnouts in utah and idaho. sanders came out ahead in the
6:27 am
delegate count last night. he will just not go away. bill: donald trump was out in force doubling down saying we should shut down america's borders for the time being in the wake of the attacks in brussels. that's something he said repeatedly. patti ann: the islamic state claiming responsibility for the bombing in brussels. what are we learning about the timing of the attacks. >> they were probably accelerated. they were probably in a position where they thought they were in the use it or lose it in terms of the plot. so they decided to go ahead and conduct the attacks now. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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bill: people in brussels continue to leave flowers and candles to remember the victims
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at the stock exchange in central belgium in brussels. the house foreign affairs committee holding a hearing on president obama's plan to close gitmo. bringing terrorists to face justice on american soil may be more sensitive in light of what happened in brussels. patti ann: back to belgium. miles say there may be more suspects on the loose with possiblelings to those terror attacks. did the arrest last week accelerate the belgium plot? so the photo we keep seeing from the brussels airport shows three suspects.
6:32 am
the two on the left were suicide bombers and brothers. the third person is identified. and he's been named as the bomb maker in the paris attack. do you believe the paris attackers and the brussels bomber are part of the same cell? >> i believe they are part of nodes that connect to the same cell that's operational in that part of brussels. yesterday we saw a successful attempt by isis to execute two coordinated simultaneous attacks. it's difficult to do and belies a lot of preparation that too months and months of preparation. patti ann: another suspect salah
6:33 am
abdeslam was arrested in brussels days before this brussels attack. chairman mccaul says he believes the arrest of slam very sped up the timing of the brussels attack. he said clearly this was planned for months, but perhaps the terrorists were worried the investigators were closing in. >> i definitely think it arrest of salah abdeslam incited this cell or this node to kick into high gear. they saw a narrow window of opportunity as the local and national law enforcement was closing in on them in this neighborhood to get the attacks done before anybody else was caught and arrested. i heard a lot of analysts say in the last 24 hours that this was retaliation for last week's arrest. i think that misses the point. they are not empowered enough to make those kind of decisions at this point in time.
6:34 am
this was a narrowing window opportunity that they tried to take advantage of. patti ann: brussels police did arrest a third man, not one in that picture. >> the first thing they will try to get out of the suspect is were there clues, were there red herrings they missed over the past week and month? a lot of the way the ongoing investigation has been carried out points to the fact that european officials have been completely overwhelmed by these terrorist attacks, and the response has been for the most part large are you ineffective. yesterday's attack highlighted that despite the fact belgium has been on a state of high alert since november's paris attacks. they were unable to thwart part two of the attacks that happened yesterday. patti ann: the brussels attack
6:35 am
at the airport occurred in the departure hall. it's being described as a soft target. but you disagree with that? >> i disagree only in the sense at this point in time, a major transit hub and international airport like this one really is not any longer a soft target. it's to borrow the parlance of intelligence officials a quite hardened target. there is nothing surprising about terrorists carrying out an attack on an international airport. this type of threat is decades old. i don't think there is a lot of room for excuses to be made by the europeans about not expecting something of this nature. there is a lot of ways to provide security even at an arrival terminal at an airport. there is monitoring and surveillance. there is a whole host of measures they can put into place to help protect global citizens
6:36 am
traveling through this airport. the idea that this is shocking and was what soft target misses the mark. >> we have radical islamic terrorists all over the place. it won't be the end. we'll have it over here, too. because we are allowing thousands of people to come here. we have no paperwork. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. bill: donald trump arguing american security dede hands. stephen miller, i'm watching a bulletin cross from brussels. up to 40 pounds of ex closives found in one of the homes d pounds of explosives found in
6:37 am
one of the homes of the suspects. donald trump says at this point we can't allow these people to come into the united states. make your case why. >> it's a simple thing called common sense. in 9/11 the terrorists were migrants here on temporary visas. we have seen in minnesota waves of somali youth joining isis and al qaeda. san bernardino the horrific shoot stion carried out -- shooting carried out by the child pakistani migrants and this saudi bride. we have had dozens of foreign-born migrants in the united states who have been implicated, tried or convicted for their involvement with
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>> it's about preventing extremism in all of its forms. if you bring in extremists have negative attitudes about women and people of different sexual orientations and different
6:41 am
faiths. hugfaiths. how is that in the national interest of the united states. cruz has promoted expansion of muslim migration. bill: i'm almost out of town. i want to ask you about last night. trump wins arizona, gets trounced in utah. how does this end? >> we extended our delegate lead so we are getting closer to 1,237, we are pulling ahead of ted cruz and we are pulling into a region of the country where we can get to the 1,237. we'll win on a message of growing wages, growing jobs, bringing back manufacturing and securing the united states of america. patti ann: while those attacks
6:42 am
in belgium were still unfolding, president obama headed to the ballgame with the president of cuba. he's facing blistering criticism for that move. should the president cut his trip short and come home? here is governor john kasich. >> this is an attack on the heart of europe. the fact that we are going to be clever and not draw attention. if i were president i would have come home. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. but pantene is making my hair hairpractically unbreakable.ff. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene.
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>> it's always a challenge when you have a terror attack anywhere in the world. particularly in this age of 24/7 news coverage. but the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives. bill: president obama taking a lot of heat for attending that
6:46 am
baseball game. here is how charles krauthammer viewed that moment in havana. >> when obama gave the terror bombing 51 seconds of his peach today in havana -- of his speech in havana. he does his idea lon -- his idel holiday trip to cuba while the world burns. brad, sunshine in havana, sunglasses, microphone by e $spn. what do you think of that? optics. >> i thought the optics were terrible. the world and america expects the president to swing into across. command and control and have empathy for what is happening in the world and what can happen to
6:47 am
us. the president poke less than a minute. he didn't interrupt his king. the president should have gone to our american embassy and poke to the people from the embassy. he should have dispatched the secretary of state to the region. these are things a president does to show that he cares and he's on top of the issue. not talking on espn. bill: we talked to james woolsey and a lot of people are talking about his legacy. cuba will be part of this. but so is this. the next president will have to clean miss mess up. >> you can't blame the president. bill: i'm not blaming, i'm questioning the reaction. >> it's not his legacy he piece of terror over the world.
6:48 am
as we kowtow to them we are giving into what the terrorists would want us to do. after 9/11 it was george w. bush who said go to the mall, go shopping, live your life. the president did exactly the right thing. he's not on a holiday trip in cuba. >> george w. bush didn't go shopping. he take control of the issue. >> there i * little the president can do by running back to washington to stop a terror attack that's already happened. he's engaging in the world with our former enemies that's helpful and healing. bill: here is how the comment truck me. it was like the casualness of missing an airline flight. it's inconvenient but it's only
6:49 am
for now. i think, brad, in turkey when paris was hit, it was the same sort of attitude, these things are going to happen. we'll get to it eventually. and i just wonder when these european leaders are trying to figure out what they should do, in the past it's always been america that has come in and hold them the way. and you do not get that now. you will have to deal with it in march of 2017 as well. >> listen to the president's own word. this is what he said. i feel the president's word. i feel i'm making the aim speech all the -- i'm making the same speech all the time. this is the new normal. it shouldn't be the new normal. for the president to say this is what we have in a world today
6:50 am
and we have to expect it, bad things happen. no, we expect you to be the leader to stop these things from happening. >> he's not accepting that's the way the world is going to be. this is the president who got bin laden when the other president didn't. he's not sitting back and watching ballgames and playing golf as republicans like to give us that impression. he has been very proactive and we should go on with life as normal as possible to not give in to what the terrorists would like us to do. patti ann: the attacks in brussels are reuniting concerns over the u.s. policies on asylum. bill: authority missed a big opportunity before the attack. judge is on deck here live. >> they are overwhelmed.
6:51 am
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patti ann: a growing number of foreign nationals are claiming asylum in the u.s. they say they can't return home because of a credible fear of persecution. what do the numbers show us? reporter: the fear is bad actors from terror-related countries are using the fear of persecution to day here. so those are the key word. credible fear that allowed 80,000 men, women and children from central america to cross
6:55 am
the border and stay in the u.s. saying you have a credible fear triggers an asylum claim. so right now, because the court are so backlogged, that could be five years. investigators say immigrant from around the world discovered this loophole. 47,000 last year claiming asylum including somalia, pakistan, syria, iraq and egypt. >> the vast majority of individual we are arrest are telling our agents they are coming here because they know they will be released. there is not a credible fear. they are told by smugglers if they come to the united states, even though they are arrested and caught, they will be released. and that's why they are coming. reporter: 92% of those asylum claims are being approved. patti ann: this isn't the only
6:56 am
loophole people are seeking to exploit. what other ways are people gaming the system? >> the other one described to me by the border patrol yesterday. by claiming you arrived here in the u.s. prior to january 2014, when president obama said it was a priority that if you are not a felon or criminal you get to stay. now everyone is making this claim they were here. instead of turning them over to i.c.e. the border patrol right now is actually letting these people go. that is another loophole and again as you said, national security is a rather -- immigration security is a national security problem which is why they are having the hearing. bill: some of the attackers have been identified. two of them are brothers. suspect pictured in the image, he's on the run.
6:57 am
several pound of explosives are found in brussels. top of the hour headlines when we come back. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. . . . .
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bill: 10:00 here in new york. midday in brussels. massive manhunt for suspects in deadly terror attacks from yesterday. police say at least one has ties to the attacks in paris from november that left 130 dead. parts of brussels remain on lockdown as police search for quote, several people they describe linked to the attacks of yesterday. brand new hour of "america's newsroom." a lot to get through. nice to have you along with us today. tough news yet again. i'm bill hemmer. martha has time with the family. good morning, patti ann. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. three suspects identified. authorities released photo of suspects in the airport attack one who is still alive and missing. bill: they have identified the bomber in the train station, a
7:01 am
man well-known to brussels police. prosecutors say the investigation will take some time. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge, terrific work yesterday. another day as has downed, catherine. good morning to you. where do we stand now on the investigation? reporter: bill, thank you, good morning. news conference, belgium prosecutor confirming a massive manhunt seen with the alleged two suicide bombers at airport. reporters were told that two brothers, khalid and brahim bakraoui were killed. the radicalization was not known to authorities. transtroops the two terrorists had heavy, heavy rap sheets that is not linked to terrorism. the experts are still carrying out an investigation and the investigation will continue for hours and maybe for even number
7:02 am
of days. >> reporter: meantime a u.s. government official tells fox news, single black leather glove seen in the photo with two men on the left is investigative detail. possible scenarios briefed to members of congress with oversight, including that the glove concealed a detonate for explosives packed inside suitcases. this gives a road map for suicide bombers. there are instructions to wear a leather glove to reduce the static charge and likelihood of a premature detonation of the devices, bill. bill: catherine, you have two brothers involved. one hit the airport, the other hit the train station. you had two brothers in boston. you had two brothers in paris. you have two brothers now. what we to understand two people from the same family trying to kill as many people as possible? >> reporter: we learned through our reporting over the years it is not uncommon for there to be
7:03 am
familial ties in small cell operations because this is way to keep a close hold on the information and avoid leakage that would allow authorities to intervene and thwart the plot. meantime a intelligence source with first-hand knowledge of the investigation on the ground in brussels is providing fox news with new information what happened at the airport. there were two explosions. one in aisle three of ticketing hall and the other in aisle 11. the bombers concentrated on highest concentration of specific pangsers and not the airline. the attack on crowded subway train happened near the european parliament in a neighborhood also home to american embassy in brings sills. we had a tip that there was concern staff from the embassy were on the train and state department spokesman explained some people are still missing. >> all americans are not accounted for. we have reports of about a dozen or so american citizens who have
7:04 am
been injured in the attacks but we're still trying to account for all american citizens on the ground in brussels including mission personnel as well, u.s. mission personnel. reporter: we confirmed that the two brothers in the brussels attack also rented salah abdeslam's safe house where he hid after the paris attacks. that is a key data point that links the two events, bill. bill: thank you very much. catherine herridge from washington. this also from washington. vice president joe biden, his wife jill, now signing a book of condolences to the belgian people at embassy in washington, d.c. just wanted to share that with you. what he writes we will pass on to you as soon as we get word from the vice president's office as well. more on the investigation. here is patti ann. patti ann: bill there are growing concerns and questions whether the attacks of brussels may have been the result of some security failures. critics especially pointing to a couple of clues including the fact that suspects were wearing gloves on only one hand as you
7:05 am
can see in this photo. just one of several red flags that security analysts say might have been missed yesterday and in days leading up to the bombings. meanwhile senator lindsey graham calling out president obama on greta's show last night for his response to all of this. >> i could care less where it goes if he doesn't change his strategy, nothing is going to change. he can go sit in the pentagon until january of 2017. if we don't come up with a regional army to destroy this isil army, they're going to hit us here in america. the only way you beat a army is with another army. we don't have a game plan to destroy isil. he is trying to run out the clock and pass this on to the next president. patti ann: judge andrew napolitano, is fox news senior judicial analyst. hi, judge. >> hi, patti ann. patti ann: when you look at the picture you can clearly see two of the suspects are wearing only one glove each. not significant perhaps to layperson, law enforcement, you yourself, easily recognize this
7:06 am
as a detonator glove. >> easily recognizable to law enforcement and intelligence personnel and us in the west follow this. the gloved hand tightly grasping of luggage cart, two identical gloves next to each other, it is containing a detonator. if something happens to the person hand is gloved, tackled by police and shot by the police, they let go the bomb detonates. on top of that next to them is guy wearing a mask. this still we've seen is obviously a still. it is taken from a five-minute video. which was taken from a security camera on the ceiling of that room that they were in the a the airport. question, are security cameras there to help the police solve a crime and catch the bad guys after they do their deadly deeds, or is security cameras there so police can watch in real time and stop these things before they happen? so was someone watching this monitor and looking at that as it was happening?
7:07 am
or was this on computer chip in somebody's, in a closet? patti ann: yeah. that is the question. you know usually you would see these security people in a room with a whole bunch of monitors, looking at all different angles. is it possible they were looking at some other camera with something distracting going on and didn't notice this whizzing by? >> we have seen striking errors in judgment on the part of the belgian police. i realize this is tragedy of monumental proportion. i realize we have the benefit of hindsight but we know already that the belgian police were leaking to the press what abdeslam as he was telling them as he was telling it to them. that is dog whistle, a signal to the confederates it is time to do something. fbi in america would never be releasing raw information told to them during interrogation. you don't even gather that information until you corroborate it, until you check it against another source. now we see that they didn't have the security personnel to
7:08 am
monitor the television screens. what good are they? what good is it to dead people that who these guys who themselves are dead and their confederates are caught? we need to stop this from happening in the future. we need to use technology to prevent it. could they have stopped this? that is big what if. they could have used devices to isolate the bombs even if the bombs had gone off. i don't know if they own this. american police do. patti ann: thank you, judge. bill: patti ann, as we were talking earlier, here is joe biden making some comments. >> you have a you will to do is remember, remember the incredible courage of the belgian people during world war ii, the incredible stamina and nothing's changed, nothing's changed but on behalf of the president i can say that we are prepared to provide any and all information capability, technology, anything we have
7:09 am
that can be value added to their fight. and they will prevail. you have got to give them -- i'll tell you what, they have backbones like ramrods. look at they're going to school. they're not letting terrorism win. what they really want to do is change the way we live. you're never going to let that happen. >> thank you, mr. vice president. >> thank you. thank you all very much. bill: nice show of support for the vice president and his wife, dr. jill biden at belgian embassy there in washington, d.c. as we follow the steps of the commander-in-chief now for a two-day visit in argentina. he landed late last night, the first family in buenos aires. we're on that as well. now we want to move to the campaigns because the candidates have been all but asked about the attacks in belgium. senator ted cruz about two hours ago on "fox & friends" said this -- >> what this attack i think really reminded everyone, this
7:10 am
was not a lone wolf, this was not a isolated incident. it is part of a global jihad that is being waged by radical islamic terrorism. it is being waged by isis. >> right. >> and this is a time that really underscores, we need a commander-in-chief who will identify the enemy and identify it by name and do everything necessary to defeat radical islamic terrorism and destroy isis. bill: that from senator ted cruz. donald trump blaming president obama that he should cut short his trip and come back to the u.s. to deal with what is happening now. new polling out showing donald trump with big national lead over ted cruz. quinnepiac put this out, showing trump ahead of 43%. ted cruz trails at 29. john kasich at 16. trump with commanding win over cruz in winner-take-all state of arizona. 58 delegates in that state. cruz crushing trump in utah with 70% of that vote there.
7:11 am
in the delegate race, here is where re are donald trump leading at 639. difference of about 275 votes, delegates rather. john kasich at 143. that is less than marco rubio who dropped out of the race eight days ago. rubio has 169 delegates. this we're learning that jeb bush is endorsing ted cruz for president. this word came earlier today after dropping out of the race. did about a month ago. garrett tenney tracks it all down. he is live in washington. why for now the former governor of florida to make this endorsement? what does that mean? reporter: bill, even before there was actual stop trump movement jeb bush was leading charge taking down "the donald." that is really what this endorsement came down to. if you read the statement bush put out, all he said about ted cruz he is consistent principled conservative who proven he can win primaries. when it came to donald trump he had a lot more to say and a lot stronger as well.
7:12 am
quote, for the sake of our party and country we must over come the divisiveness and vulgarity donald trump brought into the political arena or we will certainly lose our chance to defeat the democratic nominee, most likely hillary clinton this fall. as donald trump continues to rack up the delegates, you saw numbers a minute ago, the window to stop him is closing. jeb bush is hoping his endorsement of ted cruz will help to do just that. bill? bill: garrett, endorsements have not amounted to a whole lot so far. does this one? reporter: hard to say how much of a difference endorsements really ever make but they do this in this instance. it clearly sends a big message and big boost for ted cruz among the so-called establishment wing of the republican party. cruz has been calling for republicans to unite behind his campaign for months. mainstream republicans he is publicly clashed with and criticized in past have been some of his strongest opponents. for many of them now deciding between lesser of two evils. a growing number are deciding
7:13 am
cruz is their better option. >> it's fantastic. i think, very grateful to have jeb's support and in the last 10 days our campaign has been supported by jeb bush, mitt romney, mike lee, and mark levin. >> the real question remains will this be enough to overcome donald trump's lead in delegates. that may prove to be harder challenge for cruz. bill: garrett tenney in washington. nice to see you. patti ann: trump is renewing his calls to seal off the border in the wake of those attacks in brussels. this has been one of his biggest platform issues and one he has gotten the most criticism for. we'll look whether this is helping or hurting his campaign. bill: we have paranoid nation now. new concerns about security here at home and for good reason. the tsa bumping up security measures as the state department warns americans overseas to watch their backs. >> isis individuals out of syria are communicating with individuals in the united states. that is of grave concern. when there is no specific and
7:14 am
credible threat, that is what we know about. when they can communicate in darkness, in encryption, we don't know what we don't know.
7:15 am
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right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. bill: mentioned this a few moments ago. apparently 40 pounds of explosives found inside after building under surveilance after attacks in brussels. the same material apparently used in paris four months ago. former director of the intelligence agency, the dia,
7:18 am
laying the blame for what is happening squarely on the steps of the white house. what he is saying, mike flynn, urging importance of human intelligence clearly lacking in places like brussels today. >> we have to take action. intelligence enables what it is that we have to do but countries are going to have to get off of this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement we're seeing particularly in europe and frankly we apologize in this country for going after political ideology masking itself behind a religion. we're not winning. we're not winning right now. if the president feels good about tactical victory, we capture some guy in iraq or syria or blow up some target, those are make him feel good. they don't make me feel good. all that is doing it is exacerbating a problem. bill: wyoming senator john barrasso, member about senate foreign relations committee. senator, thank you for your time. mike flynn did not hold back.
7:19 am
as you know he has been a critic publicly more than a year. what do you make of his comment there? >> i think you have to call the threat that exists what it is. it is radical islammist terrorists. they are after us. and they view whether it is paris, whether it is belgium, whether it is san bernardino. they view all of us the same. the american public, i would say not is not in fear but certainly there is high level of anxiety because we feel that there is not really a credible strategy to deal with it. the president has underestimated it from the beginning, referring to it as a jv team. but this is a constant reminr the world is a dangerous place. the number one role for government is to keep us safe at home. bill: the human intelligence, i don't know where you start. i mean clearly we are behind if you look at the ability of
7:20 am
terrorists to change their tactics, they have been ability to build bombs in mobile platform. they set up in shops in paris and brussels. they do it where they want, senator, and that is disconcerting. >> we're seeing much more sophisticated less of planning, coordination and communication. the capacity to do significant damage. we're not successful at disrupting it. isis is holding territory in syria, in iraq, but then this cancer has spread. it metastasized to at least nine different locations. sometimes as doctor i will tell you that the spread of the cancer is worst than the primary tumor. that is where we see additional level of sophistication which is concern for the homeland. bill: i know you have not endorsed anyone but donald trump yesterday was talking more about torture. ted cruz talked about police at local level infiltrating cities across america now like a gang operation.
7:21 am
hillary clinton was talking about surveillance and interception of communication, a bit more than that how does this now change the complexion do you believe of this national campaign? >> well i think that the national election in 2016 is going to have a lot to do with national security and people are going to want to hear what each of the candidates has to offer on that and what they are going to do to keep our country safe, to make sure we continue to be the strongest, the most respected nation on fairs of the earth but what we're doing to keep the homeland safe. different people will have different opinions but all of them will say the obama administration has not done enough. the president has really not come up yet with a strategy to deal with it and people are looking for a strategy. people are looking for a level of safety that they believe they deserve as citizens of america in the homeland. bill: you could argue they're looking for direction too and they want it from their leadership. senator, thank you, john barrasso, republican from wyoming. >> thank you, bill. patti ann: texas senator ted
7:22 am
cruz picking up a big win in utah. so where else can he win? here is the senator on "o'reilly" last night. >> this is delegate battle to get to 1237. >> right. >> i'm the only candidate that can beat donald trump and win the republican nomination that can get to 1237.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
patti ann: a moving moment in brussels. mayors of that city and paris attending makeshift memorial for the victims of the bombings. hundreds of people paying their respects, laying wreaths and carrying the belgium flag and chanting long live belgium. bill: now to utah and the campaign. ted cruz scoring overwhelming victory in that state winning all 40 delegates. cruz picked up nearly 70% of the
7:26 am
vote. peter doocy live this morning in salt lake city in atta. how did the caucusgoers you spoke to approach last night's caucus, peter? >> this was very serious business for them, bill. they had been telling us for days, republicans were telling us for days throughout the state they were really happy to finally have all eyes on them now that utah's contest moved up on the calendar than in previous years. ted cruz was here and trump held one utah event. he was rewarded for it. with all 40 of the state's delegates. that is still well behind donald trump's national delegate lead but by preventing a sweep, cruz didn't let trump's lead grow by too much. >> we were hoping to break 50% in utah. we ended up with a landslide of 69%, nearly 00%. what we're seeing -- 70 arrest.
7:27 am
what we're seeing is republicans rue nighting behind the campaign. reporter: crowded precincts in utah had to wait a long time. one we were watching in salt lake city in big auditorium. after almost two hours of some debates there was discussion going on about trump's merits and a woman shouted out, hey, we've been debating this on facebook for the last four months. why don't we just vote? and they did. bill: everything is on facebook. utah voted online, that is a new system. how did that work out, peter. reporter: it was supposed to make life easier for anybody that didn't have two hours on saturday night but it created a quite a headache for quite a few people. there were scattered folks that they didn't realize to vote online, you had to register last week. you couldn't cast a ballot from your couch. the republicans couldn't figure out what 30-digit pin numbers were. and others experienced technical
7:28 am
hiccups. to give you how radical of a departure and more on tech than the caucus system, in person caucus goers had to cast their ballots on piece of paper in the auditorium we were placed into a shoe box very recently held a pair of skechers memory foam sneakers. bill: that is some technology. thank you, peter. peter doocy in salt lake. patti ann. patti ann: well the attacks in brussels pushing security officials to step up measures here at home. how safe are we? bill: isis claiming responsibility for brussels. is america and the world losing its grip in the war on terror? that is the question for ralph peters. the colonel is next. >> honestly i don't know if our military leaders have the character, the wherewithal to do what it takes to defeat isis. not about winning hearts and minds. it is about splashing their hearts and brains all over the landscape. ry substance.
7:29 am
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patti ann: the attacks in brussels once again shine a spotlight on the fight against isis. the reach and influence of islamic state making it increasingly difficult to destroy the terror group. the extremists so far have survived an american-led military campaign. so what will it take to beat them? joining us now is lieutenant colonel ralph peters fox news strategic analyst. thank you for joining us, colonel. >> hi, patti ann. patti ann: so are we utilizing our military appropriately? >> well, of course we're not. our military can not solve europe's internal problems but when it comes to what it takes to beat isis or win wars in the future i just fear our officer corps has really lost the fighting spirit, the ferocity it takes to win. i mean, patti ann, 100 years ago, then major general leonard wood put it succinctly.
7:33 am
the purpose of an army is to fight. it is not social engineering. it is not handing out soccer balls. we have our military to fight and win our nation's wars but we've gone so pc, we so wasted training time on all sorts of touchy-feely stuff, the officer corps worries me. give you two quick examples. you just saw quite recently in the persian gulf where our heavily armed sailors didn't put up a fight, surrendered to the weaker iranians. patti ann: right. >> went crybaby. collaborated with the enemy. that is where we are today unfortunately and on the other hand, where were soldiers do fight, recently in kunduz, afghanistan, in heated combat, in the dark, terrible confusion, trying to save our afghan partners on the ground, an american c-130 gunship flying overhead accidentally hit a clinic of "doctors without borders."
7:34 am
in warfare these things happen. they are tragic but they happen. you can't wage clean warfare. what was our response? our senior man in afghanistan said we regret this but these things happen in war. instead we're punishing entire chain of command involved. look, our soldiers, marine, airmen, sailors, they do not need, they don't need leaders who stick it to them. they need leaders that stick up for them. i just feel political correctness has taken over. warfare is about death and destruction. it is not about good table manners. patti ann: so you say that we just don't have the stomach at this point to do what needs to be done. what do you feel does need to be done? what should our military strategy be? >> well, we need generals who will stand up for common sense. right now, in our military, which is shrinking by the numbers, we have thousands of people diverted to equal -- it is a whole bureaucracy, a little empire of equal opportunity
7:35 am
training, sexual harrassment training, sensitivity training, the best thing you can do right now, convert everyone of those sloths to combat infantryman. i am not joking. you need trigger pullers. we don't need anymore counselors. even back when i was young soldier in 1970s, a very troubled time in our military, we all got along. in my first company we had blacks, hawaiian and hispanic. we all go to the same clubs and listen to same music we got along. once or twice a year the equal opportunity nco would come down and explain to us why we hated each other. things would be messy for a few weeks until we remembered why we like each other. since then it has gone totally off the rails, do our generals, do our admirals have the guts to pull trigger in a big fight with china or russia? if you don't pull the trigger first, you lose. secondly, fight against isis we do not want wanton carpet bombing a la senator cruz but
7:36 am
you have to accept it if isis in urban neighborhoods, the leadership is there, you have to go after them. civilians will die. you can not make clean war. patti ann: talking about putting more people on the ground? >> more planes in the air, more people on the ground, whatever it takes. you don't try to nation build. you don't stay and hand out money a la petraeus counterinsurgency nonsense. what you do is kill the enemy and you leave. if you later have to come back do it some more you do it and leave. you kill the enemy at any costs. >> you feel count irinsurgency effort didn't work ultimately. >> it was poison. it poisoned our military. show me where it had lasting success, even in the iraq according to the surge. it doesn't go to counter insurgency doctrine. we killed a lot of people at night. it was a respite. the goal was long-term stability. hasn't worked in afghanistan. hasn't worked in iraq.
7:37 am
it will not work in syria. historically it has never worked but politically correct doctrine. hugs and kisses instead of bullets. military is about killing people. if you're unwilling to do that, disband the military, save a lot of money. patti ann: what about europe, how would you feel, right their response to terror? >> well europe is still in denial. they have got internal problems so that is very, very different but to me, they can not acknowledge the change. what used to be muslim slums, in paris and molenbeek and other places in belgium, in other countries as well, they have turned into for variety of reasons into islammist colonies. you can laugh and say well, i certainly don't think islam will ever take over europe. it doesn't matter what i think. what matters is what the jihadis think. they are convinced their imperial design will one day spread sharia law throughout
7:38 am
europe and that is the crucial thing. what is the ultimate strength? it is in their faith. willingness or eagerness to die for their cause. it gives them tremendous advantage. and us? which want to go home to mama. patti ann: colonel rifle peters. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, patti ann. bill: hunt continues in europe here at home. security picks up at transit hubs across the country. laura engle at one of them in queens, new york with more. do you see much difference between yesterday and today in security, laura? reporter: we do, bill. not just here at jfk but all area transit hubs, laguardia, newark, grand central and penn station. we're also specifically speaking of new york national guard is out in force, new york state troopers and all important nypd counterterrorism team out not only looking for would-be terrorist at activity but to identify suspicious behavior.
7:39 am
jfk, increased security details handling additional bag checks, bringing in additional bomb-sniffing dogs and added security sweeps and more. some major airlines had to cancel or reroute flights after yesterday's attacks in brussels, travelers we spoke with, they are nervous but feel like they need to live their lives. >> sure, i've taken off on runways where there is smoking wreckage at the front. it is what you do if you live in the world of international travel and business. you know. >> in all honesty i never really felt in a way where i was afraid to walk down the street or anything like that. however to see presence of police and everything like that, i do feel more safe. i can honestly say that, because i can walk with my head up higher and not clinch my purse and things like that. so i can honestly say yes, i do feel much better. reporter: u.s. officials maintain there is no credible threat here at this time. bill? bill: what are experts
7:40 am
suggesting now, laura? reporter: there has been a lot of talk moving that security perimeter out. we saw what happened in brussels yesterday, suicide bombers detonated before the check-in and curb, right? people are talking about bringing that security perimeter out a little bit further. it is going to be a difficult process. we spoke with head, former head of the cia yesterday about that. here is what he had to say. >> there is no single solution trying to restructure our airports and the way we bored planes and all the rest in order to reduce the ability of isis to use air terminals as targets will be extremely difficult to do. the logistics of in size and design of our airports was not all put together with an eye toward avoiding terrorism. reporter: james woolsey said we have to do the best with what we have right now but the key of
7:41 am
course is to gather effective intelligence on isis on where they live and operate from. bill: thank you, laura engle. jfk airport there. meanwhile countries around the world lighting up landmarks in the colors of the belgian flag. this is the eiffel tower in paris. this is the brandenburg gate in berlin. the testify very fountain in rome, italy, and world trade center here in new york. all tribute to those in belgium. the french prime minister this past hour, the e.u., all european nations must invest massively in his words, in security, and security systems. that is another wave in the story. we have a long way to go on this already. there so so much we do not know. patti ann: a lot more questions than answers at this point. donald trump meanwhile raising a red flag. >> we better get tough and better get vigilant because if we're not vigilant to start off
7:42 am
with we'll be in big trouble in this country. patti ann: trump renewing calls to shut down the borders in the wake of attacks in brussels. his campaign spokeswoman join us live next.
7:43 am
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>> you have radical islamic terrorists all over the place. it is not going to be the end. we're going to have it over here too because we're allowing thousands of people to come here, sean. we have no paperwork, we have no idea who they are, where they are, where they come from. bill: donald trump on "hannity" last night weighing in on brussels. he warned europe was becoming a hotbed of islamic extremism. katrina pierson, national spokeswoman for the trump team. good morning to you. thanks for coming back here. >> good morning, bill. bill: do you see his policy evolving and if so where is that going, katrina? >> i do see the policy evolving bill because things are continually getting worse, not
7:46 am
just at home but worldwide. mr. trump has been talking about this since the beginning of the campaign cycle when he entered this race in june. we've seen over time there is growing need to can to into do things in this country and you know we hear a lot of talk making sure we're not upsetting other muslim nations because we need their help but in 15 years where is the help? things are getting very bad in the world and mr. trump wants to get back to common sense policies that keep americans safe. bill: a bit of a split decision last night, right? arizona went big for trump. utah went big for ted cruz. here is cruz on what is anticipated in his view, delegate battle that is forthcoming. here he is with o'reilly from last night. watch here. >> this is very much a delegate battle to get to 1237. >> right. >> i'm the only candidate that can beat donald trump and win the republican nomination that can get to 1237. trump has a hard ceiling of 35 to 40 percent he has real live cultty breaking.
7:47 am
why head-to-head where you have to get to 51%, 50.1% to win trump is in real trouble. bill: what do you think of that, katrina? >> i think senator cruz is doing very well winning caucuses but when it comes to actual primaries where you tie voter to ballot registration mr. trump is winning. mr. trump is consolidating efforts along lines of republican party including working class democrats. no one talks about how the black vote turned out 100% in some of these republican primaries and mr. trump is doing very well. mr. trump is the only candidate that can beat hillary clinton and clinton campaign is afraid to run against donald trump. bill: quinnepiac put up some numbers this morning. don't know if you seen them. head-to-head trump through, hillary clinton. they have got him losing by six points. meanwhile john kasich head-to-head, 47 for kasich, 39 for hillary clinton. how do you explain that, katrina. >> well i explain that very simply. what we've seen millions of new
7:48 am
voters which are not translating into the polls which is another reason why mr. trump has been doing well. we have seen this narrative that as candidates drop out mr. trim will lose support. there is this fake ceiling everyone talks about. in fact mr. trump continues to rise in primaries like we've seen just in florida and now arizona. bill: why, governor kasich has won one place. why would voters be drawn to him and not trump? those polls are pretty clear. >> well it also depends on how questions in the polls are asked. the other hurd deal we'll have is media. mr. trump has shown we're not going to continue to allow the media to drive the narrative. we're not going to continue to allow the media to protect liberals or moderates in this case, john kasich and hillary clinton. bill: you have a delegate lead of about 270 right, is my math about right? 270, 275, in that ballpark? >> yes, sir. bill: you have wisconsin in two weeks. you have new york four weeks from now. at end of april, connecticut,
7:49 am
delaware, pennsylvania, maryland, rhode island. how does this ind, katrina. >> this ends with mr. trump securing delegates to win the republican nomination, despite the anti-trump efforts that are trying to block this from happening. they are going to be a lot more voters even in those states who will turn out for mr. trump because mr. trump is the only candidate with pro-american policies that want to get america to make great again. bill: california,. >> you jersey on june 7th. in your view today, as you look at this, does it go that far? >> it may. i think mr. trump will do really well moving forward. here is the thing. we've seen just yesterday exactly why america needs a donald trump. someone who is unafraid to fight evil for what it is. and who is unapologetic about doing so. you had on the program earlier today on fox news where we know where there are hot spots of terror activity inside of the united states. donald trump is the only candidate unafraid to combat
7:50 am
that head on. bill: give me a place. where is that happening? >> they just talked about here in texas. i'm in texas right now. there is hotbed in texas. clarion project has a map of all these locations we need to consider looking at those. bill: katrina, i'm out of time. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. bill: thanks. patti ann: as security is beefed up at airports and train stations here in the united states we do a ride-along with counter terror teams here in new york as they patrol the streets. that's next. >> with an abundance of caution with the resources that we have in abundance in new york city, our police force over the next several days the public will notice a significant increase in police presence on the transit systems, transit hubs, of the city.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> on "happening now," continuing investigation into what is being called belgium's 9/11. more than 30 dead, 250 injured in coordinated terror attacks. fox team coverage ahead and in depth analysis. how did the belgians miss this one coming? hillary clinton, bernie sanders, donald trump and ted cruz share last night's primary and caucus prizes. what it means for the race in the white house. an important speech from paul ryan on the future of the gop, live, top of the hour. patti ann: u.s. cities ramping up security after the attacks in brussels. here in new york the nypd's counterterrorism teams maintaining very visible presence on the streets and subway platforms. senior correspondent rick leventhal is reporting live right now from a subway platform in times square. hi, rick. what does it look like down there?
7:55 am
reporter: good morning, patti ann. this times square subway station sees 500,000 riders a day. they have 50 officers assigned to patrol the station day and night. they are supplementing those cops with specially trained and heavily armed torch team members. these guys, many of them swat trained. they are many military vets among them. carrying help weapons and patrolling these stations and city on a regular basis now. the point is to be ready to roll anytime, anywhere. to prevent, preempt or disrupt terrorist operations in the city. we also have bag checks going on at many stations across new york city. we saw one this morning in rockefeller send r center where officers are stopping people with backpacks and suitcases and checking bags before they ender subway system. a veteran officer told us, these guys, m-4 automatic weapons, 30 years ago people would really freak out when they saw a an officer with heavy gun like this.
7:56 am
these days people are accepting it. it is new normal and many cases they tell the officers they feel safer, patti ann. patti ann: reassuring to have them there, absolutely. they are in many cases partnered up with dogs. tell us more about these k-9 units. reporter: they have a lot of k-9 teams across the city. there is one of them. they have explosive detection dogs. this is apprehension dogs. this is roxie. she is very friendly. hey, roxie. this dog if there is active shooter will go after the shooter and take him down. that is the point. again in the subways as well, you have explosive detection dogs. if they smell something, they alert the officer. they take action. you will see a lot more, patti ann, across the city in days and weeks ahead. patti ann: rick leventhal, live from new york, thanks. bill: live from new york and live from brussels. a nation continues to mourn the victims. manhunt for several suspects in the city. we have continuing coverage as they are heard today in central
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> ago. >> go. >> . >> .
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jon: these are the young people in central brussels outside the stock exchange and making their voices heardtoday. there's a manhunt underway and we've been talking about that and the brothers have been found connected to this bombings to patty again, nice to see you pick up . >> happening now starts right now. jon: we begin with a fox news alert on massive manhunt continues for prime suspects in the deadly brussels terror attacks welcome to happening now, i dread on. reporter: on andy huntsman in for jenna lee google the city of brussels on lockdown as investigators identify three suspects including a man described as a nicest on maker. his dna was discovered on an explosive belt from the paris terror attacks last november he wants live coverage with national securitycorrespondent jennifer griffin but first


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